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How to create effective emails for busy B2B audiences

Before creating your next email for your busy B2B audience, start by having a look at your email analytics. Your typical users’ behavior will tell you a lot about how you should write and design your emails to generate certain actions and to improve email marketing effectiveness. Comparing your results with relevant benchmark data is also

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10 benefits of having an inbound approach to PPC campaigns

Inbound marketing and PPC campaigns are two tactics that complement and potentiate each other. Inbound focuses on gaining organic traffic and it takes time to start seeing results. But with paid ads, you are able to generate results faster and to reach more people with your valuable content and experiences tailored to their needs.By mixing

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A Data-Driven Guide to Repurposing B2B Marketing Content

You’re choosing to repurpose content because you need a method that brings both efficiency and effectiveness, right? Then a data-driven approach to content repurposing is what you need to become an expert in leveraging the maximum potential of your existing B2B marketing content. If you’re a data-driven marketing team, you’re more likely to have an advantage

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